Ko-Ki’s Leaving NoveLis!

…or at least that’s what it looks like at first glance. Thanks to the uber awesomeness that is Bokura we know that he was merely getting into the spirit of things.

In his entry, with the subject line 4/1, he wrote (Translated by Bokura)

I’ve thought it over a lot.

Over and over.

I’m going to be leaving our group.

I can’t stop worrying about band things. Sorry that this is coming all at once.

Thanks for everything up until now. It was such a short time … and this is hard, but I had fun and I am happy for that. Together, let’s enjoy my last few shows.


For those of you that are surprised, get a calm head and reaaaally think it over once for me!! Now you understand why I’d write something like this, right?

He had everyone very very worried, there for a while! I just hope he filled his bandmates in on his trick!

….You all get it, right? It’s April 1 in Japan right now…

~ by Samehada on March 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Ko-Ki’s Leaving NoveLis!”

  1. Ohahaha, damn him for scaring us!

  2. ahah scared me too =X

    that reminds me… for my april fools joke I am replacing all of my sisters american pop music with Dir en grey kekeke

  3. lol, good stuff. shove some DesRay in there, too.

  4. lol so funny. really scared for a second. he sounded so serious too.

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