DIABLO: Blog translation and Takeru’s (dr.) Withdrawl

Ok, so here’s a new band Sammeh found out about. After listening to two of their songs (Alice and Vanish) that are available on their OHP, I found myself rooting about, trying to decipher info about them. I came across an announcement that looked like a withdrawl notice, so I asked our translator, Bokura, to get to work on their blog (and boy did she deliver! GO SEE DIABLO’S PROFILE PAGE HERE)

Withdrawl Announcement:

Takeru here. As of the February 9th live, I have officially left Diablo. I sincerely apologize to everyone who had to find out after the fact. The reason that I am leaving is that I find it difficult to find time for my family and because of this I find it impossible to continue with band activities in the same way that I have in the past.

I’m really disappointed that after this I can’t continue. From the band members and the fans to the staff and everyone else there … I really loved the atmosphere of the live that night.

Being in a band has always been my dream. Really and truly thank you!! I won’t be able to be there with you any longer, but from now on please continue your support of Diablo!

Original Message:



This is a shame, but I’m sure the band will find a replacement. Maybe a keyboardist, too, like An Cafe? (Kick things up a notch) ^^

EDIT: Also, here’s the songs they have on their OHP.



~ by rina on March 31, 2008.

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