Aile Disbanding + Shelly Trip Realize (TINC)

Aile (アイル), active since 2001 (oshare kei), has announced their disbandment, as told by JaMe. I don’t know the reason why at the moment, but after their numerous lineup changes over the years, it’s understandable. Wishing the members luck in their next ventures, as always.
EDIT: AILE DISBANDMENT CONFIRMED ON PC AND MOBILE OHP. A Japanese translator came out with this:

The compilation dismissal live of AILE cultivated in three years!! Please [im]print the moment (image) of the member last on the eye!!
Original Messages:
『LAST FEATHER~君が望む永遠~ 2008 0509』

That means that Aile’s last live is May 9th at Shibuya O-East! ;_;
However, THERE IS HOPE! Aile has disbanded and reformed before, so maybe they’ll return to the scene in a little bit. (On the other hand, that was only once, and they went on indefinite suspension of activities last time they lost members… …Must not be cynical ><)

Also, a comment from Nick has pointed out that Shelly Trip Realize (also called TINC) has also disbanded. This really is a shame. What is with all these disbandments, seriously?

NEW TRANSLATOR: Click the SECOND button down on the left to translate from Japanese into English.


~ by rina on March 31, 2008.

6 Responses to “Aile Disbanding + Shelly Trip Realize (TINC)”

  1. Are you sure about this? A few days ago I was on their website and I didn’t see anything about disbandment…

    But, damn. First Shelly Trip Realize (TINC) and now Aile… 2 of my favorite bands.

  2. I’m pretty sure. JaMe usually has the facts. I intend to do some google snooping for you, but if it’s true, don’t lose hope! There’s the possibility that they’ll get back together since they did once before.

  3. Thanks. They are just about to release a new album too (Aile that is). If I interpreted the “4/2” on their website ( correctly, it’ll be coming out this Thursday. Well, I hope the members of each band keep on making music, either in their current bands or in new ones. Here’s a link with the translated message from Sarino of TINC to fans:

  4. Or, rather, Wednesday. For some reason I thought today was Tuesday 🙂

  5. Yes, White Feather II is coming out (10 tracks, limited edition), although technically it’s the 2nd in Japan already, so it’s already out, lol. I was going to do a post on new releases…I’ll get to it a little later.

  6. Does anyone please have the PV for Mirakuru Fantasy with Shelly Trip Realize? I’ve been looking for it for super long time and it’s impossible to find >__< PLEASE!

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