NoveLis “Like An Edison”

An interview with us amidst the future with NoveLis and the band still not well known, especially with Ko-Ki still in high school… You have the singles they have released, but in part to their singing, you never hear they’re voice, now you do.

From back to front the line-up is: Sakura, yuky, Reno, Rui, and Ko-Ki. Yay for Novelis, they seem very excited, and the phrase “Pretty in pink” comes to mind when looking at Ko-Ki, 🙂


~ by Raelynn on March 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “NoveLis “Like An Edison””

  1. HOLY CRAP THEY’RE MORE ADORABLE THEN I THOUGHT. …now if only we could change ko-ki’s pink to red… 😀

  2. No changing Ko-ki. If he wants his hair to be pink, then his hair can be pink!

  3. Let’s dye your hair pink >.>

  4. Awww, They are so so so cute!! ^_____^
    Is Ko-ki wearing a skirt here??
    Thats crazy cute!! >w<;
    Awww, I cant wait for them to release more stuff!

  5. Ko-ki might be wearing a skirt. He doesn’t move far back enough, nor does the camera.

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