Nightmare 『ナイトメア』 has announced they will be releasing a new album on May 21st called “Killer Show”! The release will be put out in three different flavors.

The first flavor will cost ¥3500, includes: a CD, DVD, and a photobook. The DVD will contain the PV for “White Room”. FIRST PRESS

The second flavor, also a first press edition, is a CD and DVD which contains the PV for “LAST SHOW” and will cost a grand total of ¥3200. FIRST PRESS

The third flavor is going to cost ¥2800 and contains only the CD (insert sad face here).

There is sadly no information yet on how many tracks will be on this amazing spectical or even any cover art. Although, all first press flavors will come with a “lottery ticket” enclosed in a letter for attendence to a limited event. You’ll have to fill it out to enter.

Edit by Admin:   Credit for research to Shattered-Tranquility.  *headdesk* –Same


~ by reisuzaku on March 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “KILLER SHOW”

  1. Please credit Shattered Tranquility if you’re going to copy sentences, parts of sentences and even leave in the spelling errors.

    Like we’ve said before, we have no problems as long as you credit.
    Thank you.

  2. Ok, this is just ridiculous. Didn’t you learn from my mistake, Rei? YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. *PROFUSE APOLOGIES TO S-T*

  3. I think I should save money NOW….

    I’d be old before I could even get close to THAT amount…

  4. here’s a link to the album cover if anyone’s curious:

    the photoshoot involves the members with tigers =P

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