Yoshiki Collapses

Yesterday during the X-Japan’s Night of Destruction concert (2008.03.28), Yoshiki collapsed during Art of Life. He seemed to be suddenly sapped of energy and fell onto his drum set. He was then escorted off the stage. It seems to be nothing more than exhaustion and overwork. Hopefully he’ll take do some resting before continuing? REST, YOSHIKI, REST!!)

post from Jrockrevolution.com forums:

Note added by ruku:
Yoshiki collapsed during Art of Life, which is the 11th song of the night, roughly at about 9.30-9.45pm. He was carried off stage and not long after, the announcement came on that the concert will be cancelled. The entire portion of the concert (excluding waiting time and periods where the emcee came on) was 80mins.

Note added by Kuri: To all fans who are concerned and worried about YOSHIKI, we saw him at the press session afterwards and he is fine, just very exhausted and overworked.

I think Art of Life was meant to be the last song on the set list, so he ALMOST made it through the concert! Have him in your thoughts.

Youtube is below: collapse is at 6:02.

video was removed by user

Also see how great (and expensive) that hide holograph is. Makes me miss him more.


~ by rina on March 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Yoshiki Collapses”

  1. Thanks a bunch, you’ve done made me cry! I knew this is what was going to happen, his body is just to weak and it has been for a long time. Sometimes, I just don’t think he knows what’s good for himself. He tries to please everyone so much, it makes me teary.

    And my goodness, that holograph absolutely killed me.

  2. Yoshiki spent 1.5 million USD on that holograph, so people better love it.

    He really does need to take a step back and relax! He should listen to his 4000+ Myspace mothers!

  3. Wow Yoshiki really does push himself to the limits. I was going to go to Night of Destruction (won lottery) but my parents sided against it. Anyway I hope he gets enough rest!

    (Er… looks like the youtube video isn’t working?)

  4. Seems the original user removed the video. 😦 I’ll edit it out. That sucks though, you won it and then wasn’t able to go. Dx

  5. The most awesome concert I ever saw. I had vip seats 13 rows back in the B12 floor section from the JRR lottery. At times it seemed that Hide was actually there. Holograms and all, sugoi desuyo!

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