[Discussion] Japan without Visual kei

A former staff member brought up this idea that has been approved by both admins, so we want your opinions.

You know the point in your life where you get over your inner fangirl/fanboy-izm and you start realizing the music for what it is and not just because the band members are pretty? Japan is the heart of the visual kei, goth and lolita scene, but because of this all the popular Manga/Anime shows also come from Japan. In doing so based on American society, because that’s where the entire staff lives, you have a lot of people whom will start listening to something because they saw it in an Anime. Which is not bad considering most anime uses pop, but its the people that you end of meeting or viewing on the internet that have this “I don’t like their music, but the *insert position* is hot as hell!”

Or in the pseudo collection, using emoticons like this one:
nosebleed emote

Now, what we want from you in your opinion as to would anything be different in the music scene of Japan if the visual kei, EGL/Lolita or goth scene did not exist?

If the scenes did not exist in Japan, would you still listen to the bands?

Does the scenes really effect your jugdement on the music?

Do you think newbie fans ruin revolutionary bands like LUNA SEA, and X Japan?



~ by Raelynn on March 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “[Discussion] Japan without Visual kei”

  1. Very good question I respect that.

    I came to know about Visual kei somewhere on the same time as I came to know more about mangas and more serious anime. But at that point I wasn’t really interested nor did find them any attractive at all. I thought they were just some crazy lunatics, all looking the same and trying to get attention with their looks.

    It took me like 3 years later to actually start to listen to Visual kei. I downloaded music at random, mostly names of the bands that I somehow remembered by reading magazines about Japanese pop culture. I didn’t even know how the bands (up just to a few) looked nor did I care, as long as the music was interesting .

    So yeah, even now when I am a big fan of Visual kei bands and music I really don’t know how do all the bands I listen look and for the most I don’t even know what their names are.

    As for your questions…
    Maybe listening to Visual kei music would be in a way easier if there weren’t for Visuals. I know that visuals bring a lot of prejudice and it’s never easy to listen to people’s judgment about your favorite band based just on the looks (which is rarely positive). And the numerous irritating fangirls that just go for the looks wouldn’t exist.

    In my case it isn’t really relevant if the scene would exist and if I would listen to the bands. It depends if I would start listening to them at the right time.

    I think the scenes do affect my judgment in music, making me in a way less sensitive to judging bands before actually giving them a chance for listening.

    In a way newbie fans, especially fangirls, do tend to ruin not just revolutionary bands but also other pretty good bands (like the GazettE), while some bands in a way ruin themselves trying to win more fans (I think examples are not necessary).

    So yeah, some thing would change if there weren’t any visuals, while others would stay the same. But I think the overall visual factor is simply one essential part of those bands, incorporating music and un-separable from the bands. It’s simply a thing that helps them to express music more vividly.

  2. would anything be different in the music scene of Japan if the visual kei, EGL/Lolita or goth scene did not exist?

    — slightly…. it separates bands from one another..

    If the scenes did not exist in Japan, would you still listen to the bands?

    — yes

    Does the scenes really effect your jugdement on the music?

    — no…. if you just look at a band while they are playing of course, you will be distracted from the music… but if you look past that you will see that their music will still be beautiful with or without their vk appearance….

    I very much agree with what Kamen said….

    Do you think newbie fans ruin revolutionary bands like LUNA SEA, and X Japan?

    — yes… she already explained it…

  3. hmm, interesting question…
    i think i would definitely still be interested in the bands i like even if visual kei, goth loli, etc. didn’t exist. a lot of the bands that i like these days are moving away from their visual kei roots and are still making amazing music that just awes me every time i listen to it. when i hear a song, i close my eyes and visualize the instruments, the words, the notes and that’s what gets to me~ not really the people. i mean if you’re sexy i’m more likely to listen to a song but if its bad, your sexiness won’t make me keep listening. i will move on. lol. i’m in this for the music and the music is what makes me love the people and care about getting their name out there for the world to listen to.

  4. I think I would still listen to the bands even if there weren’t visual kei or anything else. I mean I listen to music because it’s what I like to listen to. Them being pretty is just extra icing on the cake. Sure some people only like it because it’s pretty but the bands real fans don’t care how the band looks as long as their music is good.
    And as far as the anime thing going, good bands do have things to different shows, but you should become a fan because you like their music not because the did it one a show like Naruto or Death Note (for example)
    And besides the newbies can’t really ruin a band, just because they don’t have any idea what their talking about doesn’t mean you have to listen to what they say.
    I just say if you like the music just listen to it and don’t worry about what they look like, or if they did like a anime theme. And Let the n00bs think what they want, cause they will learn soon enough

  5. Yes and no.. for me alot of what I love about the scene (besdes sheer musical loveliness) is the combination of many of my passions~ music, art, theatre, and clothing. So while I would still love the music (provided all the VK bands still existed, even without VK) I doubt I would be nearly as passionate about it as I am.
    And newbies are newbies.. I mean, sometimes they have no personality or doul, sometimes they are good. Comparing them to legends, or thinking of them in the same context before they reach that point themselves is unfair and unrational. For one, the comparison makes no sense (10-20 year old band that has a lot of eperience and depth vs. new band that is still working on image, sound.) and then there is the fact they can’t help when they are born.

  6. The newbie part wasn’t for bands, it was for those fans whom got into vk bands because they are pretty.

  7. Honestly, it was their over the top looks that got me into visual kei back when I was little. I first saw a poster of Malice Mizer when I was 9 and that picture really wowed me.

    Would I still listen even if they didnt dress up? I would …but I dont think it would be the same to me. I love the combination of good sound + crazy looks. The looks caught my attention and the sound kept me coming.

    And for the noobs-if you were born later then you may not have had the same chance to see some of the legendary bands. I don’t think they ruin bands unless the bands start going out of their way to change themselves for the sake of attracting more fans.

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