BLOOD official street team information

The bullets that people are reposting on myspace does not seem to be the way to get on their official street team. You’re going to have to do whole lot more than making your profile song to CHAIN. “Street Team r srs bnzs!”


From the Official BLOOD Street Team & Kiwamu’s blog:


“BLOOD agent made BLOOD street team MySpace. There are many band’s street teams in MySpace. But almost people just join and they just want to say “I am the street team member”. They don’t work. It is not good. So we should get the serious persons for this street team. If there are good workers, we welcome!”

– Kiwamu



Welcome to the BLOOD Street Team!

Your job includes spreading the word about BLOOD by distributing flyers, writing letters to music and style magazines, sending requests to radio stations, and asking stores to stock BLOOD music and merchandise.

Other duties will be to request BLOOD whenever possible at clubs you attend and ask your local clubs and concert promoters to bring a BLOOD concert to your area. You should also request BLOOD from your local radio stations.

General BLOOD promotion: Download the flyer pictured here, which is an 8.5″x11″ full color promotional flyer and general advertisement for BLOOD CDs, including BLOOD’s new CD “THE REAPER BEHIND ME.” It’s a .pdf document, so you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open it. You can print out and distribute this flyer after downloading.

Letter writing campaigns: If you want to see BLOOD perform in your part of the world, then start writing letters! Send emails to any magazines, radio stations and stores you know of and demand BLOOD. Don’t limit yourself to the suggestions listed here; contact anyone and everyone you can and ask them to give BLOOD some coverage in their magazine or airtime on their radio station!

You will be working as a part of BLOOD!


~ by Raelynn on March 24, 2008.

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  1. […] Please not join this street team for notoriety because “omg ur on a street team!!”. Click here to see what is expected of you. He has outlined the conditions below: Please do these, so we will accept your friend request. […]

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