TR: Incognito

From the Tainted Reality Livejournal:

Returning to the roots of one of TR’s original mission statements to support rising and unknown J-Rock stars in the US, Roger will be producing a brand new show on The Tainted Reality Internet Radio Network called TR: Incognito. The show, set to air Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, will showcase musical artists that are next to unknown in America, and acts that don’t seem to get enough attention here in the US.

Not only will we be playing music from these artists, but we will also be giving out information about the bands such as websites where you can find out more about the artists!

You can get involved as well! If you have a band that you feel never gets enough attention, whether they be visual, punk, indies, angura, or what ever, send a message to Roger himself at roger[at]taintedreality[dot]net with the name of the band, and their Myspace, website, or whatever information you have on that band, and he will try to get their material for play on air!

Lastly, you could be the host and producer of this show! Roger plans to produce and host the first few episodes, but wants to let someone else handle the show afterwards due to his heavy work load. If you have interest in possibly taking over this show, please e-mail Roger at roger[at]taintedreality[dot]net, and he’ll get you started!

The show debuts TONIGHT [3/22/08] and TOMORROW [3/23/08]! Tune in, and send in the bands at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific!


~ by Raelynn on March 22, 2008.

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