Some bands you might’ve missed.

With so many new bands popping up every day from Japan it’s hard to pick out the ones that might actually catch your interest.

So this post is all about Jrock bands that you might’ve missed. First up is 9Goats Black Out.

Bass: hati
Vocals: ryo
Guitar: utA


Don’t let the name of this band throw you off.

Their first mini album, Devils in Bedside is absolutely stunning. ryo’s voice is reminiscent of Kyo’s at times, and at others it’s a sound all his own. The vocals completely outshine the instrumental section. And yes, that is Gullet’s Ryo.



Next is Brodiaea.

Vocals: Ren
Guitar: Kei
Guitar: Tsubame
Bass:  Mahiro
Drums: Sora


Brodiaea is harder than the last band, and for some reason I find myself thinking of Phantasmagoria when I listen to their music.  Vocally, Ren is close to  so many different acts, the man has a very versatile voice.  Growls, screams, falsetto all in one song.  Though while he has great range, his higher notes need work on control. 




Vocals:  Haruto
Guitar:  Yousuke
Guitar:  Naoya
Bass:  Kou
Drums:  Takeshi


Their visual reminds me of Final Fantasy.  I’m not real sure why…it’s probably the shoulder thing on the vocalist.  If I had to list the first thing I noticed about this band it would be Haruto’s vocals.  They remind me of someone…but I can’t put my finger on who.  This band, though young, looks and sounds like they’ve been around longer. 




Vocals:  Tomo
Guitars and Vocals: Umi
Bass:  Rui
Drums:  Tohya
Guitars and Chorus:  Yuh 


I fell completely in love with this band, pretty much the first moment I heard them.  I love their sound, Tomo’s vocals, especially, at times he reminds me of Yomi from Nightmare.  Honestly, their sound is almost stereotypical VK, but their’s something about it…something that they have in their sound that makes them stand apart.   I’m trying not to get all fangirly, honest.

Black Tail

Moon Light Snow Rabbit


~ by Samehada on March 19, 2008.

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