Girugamesh interview in March Rockoon!

In late January and early February the band Girugamesh took their “Stupid Tour” to Europe, playing 6 dates, including two in Germany. The German magazine Rockoon! featured an interview with them done before they returned to Japan.

lolli_slave @ lj did an awesome job translating the interview, and I’m going to post some really funny excerpts of it. You can find the entire translation here.

This year you’re going to play at the Wacken Open Air. Have you heard about the festival from your Japanese band colleagues?
As far as I know the Wacken Open Air is a pure Metal-Festival and we 4 little Japanese dwarfs try to get away there without a single “Booh!”.

and another

Impossible! You can fall over some of them and they don’t realize it!
(laughter) It’s rather possible that you will even find us among these people. In this case you have to help us PLEASE! (laughter)

and still yet another

That was easy! (laughter) We noticed a certain video in which a Girugämesh member is in trouble. Satoshi what happened in that German toilette? There is something about it on the DVD?
Girugämesh: (laughter)
It was in Cologne in June 2007. We played there at the J-Shock. Somehow I couldn’t open the door anymore. My colleagues wanted to help but didn’t know what to do anymore after a while so they just laughed about me! We thought that has to be put on the DVD as an extra. I was approx. 40 minutes in the toilette before the security guys saved me.

Go check out loll’s lj to read the rest of this awesome interview!


~ by Samehada on March 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Girugamesh interview in March Rockoon!”

  1. LMAO!! Satoshi got stuck in the bathroom… XD!!

  2. I have got this magazine and it also has interviews with alice nine. and Kra. D
    Yes the interview was crazy and I am really happy to know German so I don’t have to look for translations XDDDD.
    Rockoon! is one hell of a great rock magazine (the only minus is that is a bit fangirl focused -____-;;;;)

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