ToC Review by hide_sama!

Recently I asked for those going to ToC to let us know how it went. And hide_sama was awesome enough to send me an email telling me about the show she went to! She also took some pictures and gave us permission to post some.

Hello, I didn’t know if anyone had sent you a report about the concert and thought you might want to hear about it. So first to perform was despairs ray they played all new songs and hizumi’s English was really super cute and karyu had on some really great white go-go boots. Then after that MUCC performed and as much as I loved despairs ray tatsurou was a much better showman live they played newer songs but I only remember “fuzz”, and libra I can try to figure out from my friend what the other ones were later. They both played center stage while The underneath played on a depressingly smaller stage but I was like 5 feet away from them and they were great live I didn’t know any of their music before I t but I know they played their song “gekkoh” because I watched the video after. TAL was in love with the section of the arena that me and my friend sat in and kept making really great faces, and Ryo threw his bass pick to me and Masaki threw my friend one of his drumsticks. After that we found out MUCC was doing a meet and greet where they were selling their “best of MUCC” cd. While we were waiting in line I guess karyu decided that he was going to come and see how their meet and greet was going and was getting his picture taken with MUCC’s fans in the background, and I got my friend to take a picture of him surprisingly his disguise of big sunglasses didn’t fool many people XD. MUCC came out not long after that and they gave people posters and signed them, and they signed the cd’s if you got them and you could take pictures with them my friend and me gave all of them presents we gave tatsurou a bracelet, and the other three chocolates they were really sweet.

That sounds absolutely awesome! And makes me sad that I decided not to go…without further ado, here are some of the pictures that hide_sama took!

Karyu from D’espairsRay

The Underneath

Yuuke from MUCC 


~ by Samehada on March 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “ToC Review by hide_sama!”

  1. Holy wow.. Karyu look hot.

  2. YAY! thanks so much! i’m happy i could’ve helped!!

  3. wow. thank you so much for posting this review x3!
    i wish i was there to see mucc’s meet and greet. that would have been awesome.

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