Suicide Ali – Sarau Fue to Yakusoku

Well Suicide Ali has a new cd being released on Mar. 26, 2008. This new wonderful release is titled “さらう笛と約束 (Sarau Fue to Yakusoku)”. Like most Suicide Ali ordeals, this is another mini-album consisting of 6 songs.

Suicide Ali

扉 (Tobira)


風のslave (Kaze no slave)

動脈 (Doumyaku)

笛吹童子 (Fuefuki douji)

無人の都会 (Mujin no tokai)

Even though the album is short (and two of the songs are remastered versions), I find this to be a very powerful album and an awesome step for Ali.

Don’t forget! You can purchase this release and lots of other stuff (including other SA merch) at the Tainted Reality Online Store. Vist TR’s site for more details.


Review done by 零 – Rei –


~ by reisuzaku on March 13, 2008.

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