Well these two Cds have been out for a couple months. And sadly enough I’m now just getting around to them. I’m talking about the newest releases from 12012 and Kagrra,. Their new releases are just simply stunning, and frankly go above and beyond what I’ve been expecting from these bands as of late. You’ll be able to find both of these wonderful CD’s at yesasia.com.

Now, on to the goodness that is J-Rock

12012 – DIAMOND
over all rating 4/5

12012 DIAMOND cover 12012 DIAMOND cover 2

release date: Dec. 12, 2007

Official 12012 homepage

After giving this multiple listens, I’ve come to think of it as one of my favorite 12012 albums to date. The variety and sheer raw emotion and power behind each song is just exhilarating. Simply a joy to listen to.

Ok this songs style of drumming and the bass line reminds me of like “The Strokes” and some other bands that have violated US radio waves for awhile. And upon hearing it, it scared me shitless and made me want to hide under a desk and cry. Over all though it’s not a bad song at all, (just not my personal cup of tea).


Alright here we go, more along the lines of the 12012 I know and love. Wataru and the boys hit it up with another catchy song with amazing vocals that will make you squee with joy as you bob your head from the musical joy.

Wataru has an amazing ability to mix his screaming and his singing together in an angelic harmony in this song. Over all, a very beautiful and amazingly composed. One of my favorite 12012 songs to date.

When I first heard this, the music automatically made me think of like Aerosmith’s “CRAZY” or something similar. But when the vocals kicked in I was pleasantly surprised with how much emotion you can hear in his voice. When the first guitar solo comes in you can’t help but smile at its such beautiful clarity.


Well, being the first song on this album that was a single, there’s not really much to say on this amazing song that hasn’t been said before. Just simply amazing.

Don’t let the intro scare you with its classical and quite hooha. The awesomeness kicks in soon enough. With heavy guitars and bass. The boys backing Wataru don’t disappoint in this amazing display of musical craftsmanship

Jazzy…WTF. This song just seems very jazzy and hyper compared to the rest of the CD. Really kind of makes me wonder if they got bored or something. Just doesn’t seem very 12012ish, but damn is this song awesome and catchy.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I first heard this song. The whole songs reminds me of like Devil May Cry or something along those lines. Cause I mean come on, we all love Dante’s battle music.

サイクロン (CYCLONE)

The 2nd single off this album and also my favorite song on the album. I love this song so much plus the video is great. Prolly the hardest song on the album and damn is it beautiful at the same time. I’m just still trying to figure out what Wataru means by “Listen now a heartless shout, listen now a heartless cry, listen now a heartless world”. In my opinion this song has the most emotion and fluidity to it compared to the rest of the album. STUNNING!

Not too fond of this song, but I think its because of all the annoying lil music box sounds. It’s also not fast enough for me. Very few songs like this, I can actually enjoy.

Much needed up-beatness after “ONCE AGAIN” tried putting me to sleep. Love the dueling guitars going back and forth along with Wataru’s screaming. God I love this song.

ダイヤモンド (DIAMOND)

3rd single off of the album and probably what most would consider “the beautiful one”. The PV for this song is hilarious. Seeing the band as a bunch of weapon smugglers/mafia peeps, just the thought along makes me chuckle. But the song itself is indeed deserving of the title “the pretty one” amongst the singles. It is so perfectly composed it almost makes me cry.

MMMM acoustic guitars, such a wonderful way to close out the CD. I really don’t think they could have ended the album any better. I’m very pleased.


Kagrra, – CORE
over all rating 4 ½/5

Kagrra CORE

release date: Jan. 09, 2008

Official Kagrra, homepage

Finding out about the title of this album startled me, with Kagrra, being all hardcore Japanese and all. And even seeing a song with an English title. It’s quite shocking,but i love the album just the same. Reminds me so much of a great combination of Miyako and San. Also note that this is their first full length album that doesn’t have an anime woman on the cover.

Irodori no sanka
First song on the album, and all I can say is wow. This song is full of beautiful music and raw emotion. The sounds of the shamisen mixed with the guitars, bass, and drums is just sheer joy. Isshi’s voice is beautiful as always.


Upbeat, jazzy sounding, goodness. Not exactly something that is uncommon for Kagrra, and always makes me smile. The chorus is amazingly fun to sing along with. Sounds like something right out of a classy jazz club. LOVE IT.

Shigatsu tsuitachi
Honestly this reminds me of something from anime OST. Meh, take it as you will. Still sounds beautiful


Kagrra, certainly knows how to make awesome catchy rock songs. This song reminds me all over again why I like Kagrra, in the first place.

Boukyaku no hate no kogoeta kodoku
Mmm… Kagrra, rock ballad goodness. Not exactly slow but not exactly fast either. And Isshi’s voice just keeps getting more and more angelic as the album goes on.


WOO, TAIKO DRUMS! That’s right Kagrra, brought out the taiko drums. The music in this song sounds very much like something you’d hear from those Chinese films when ever “The Emperor” is introduced. This song makes me chuckle uncontrollably.

Kaze no kioku
Reminds me very m uch of the old Kagrra, around the time they released Miyako. So I cant help but reminisce on the old days of Isshi dancing around with a fan like a lil fairy. And when Akiya’s guitar solo kicks in, just simply beautiful. Needless to say, it leaves me speechless.


Opening up with “howling” guitars is just amazing. I cant help but sing along and dance to this song. It’s just so damned catchy.

Yuki koi uta
I dunno what to say here that hasn’t been said previously. This song is ridiculously beautiful. Guitar solo in the middle is very 1980s sounding, I like it though.

Shin hyakkiyakou
Ok, this is another song that’s very much like Miyako era Kagrra, I love it so much. Very low melodic bass mixed with Isshi’s vocals, draped with rock guitars. AMAZING.

Review originally done by Rei.


~ by jrockadmin on March 12, 2008.

One Response to “DIAMOND – CORE”

  1. for me Shin Hyakkiyakou is a big shock.Amazing,strong,and the song suit its title well,maybe it’s the song which most suit the album title _Core .The way Akiya and Shin perform their guitars are great.This song makes me feel like seeing all the member’s faces are serious and eager^^.I love kagrra.

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