Upcoming Interviews!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to post really fast to let you all know that coming up very soon we’ll have interviews with GPKISM and NoveLis!

We’d like to hear the questions you’d like asked in upcoming interviews! Though the GPKISM and NoveLis interviews are already set, we’ll be doing more in the future, so if you can think of any questions you’d like asked of Japanese Music artists, or people that are important in the Jrock community let us know!

You might get to see your questions answered in upcoming interviews!

As a clarification; questions received in comments will not be featured in the GPKISM or NoveLis interviews, they might, however, be in upcoming interviews.


~ by Samehada on March 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Upcoming Interviews!”

  1. I would love to know, why they think Jrock and v.k. have suddenly become popular seemingly over night? and why they think that movement is growing so fast in America?

  2. Hank, what in the bloody hell are you talking about?

  3. why they think it stuck in america and then took off so fast?, why the artist thought that the vk and jrock movement has grown so quickly over seas?, what future trends that they see that could easily join the movement of vk? what they think was the song that made everyone in America go, wtf this stuff pwns?

  4. Makes better sense.

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