Song Reviews (2nd Edition)

Its been forever and a day since I did a single-song review. So I’m going to do it again. I have waaay more music than I did back when this blog first began and learned a huge amount of the bands and what goes on around Japan.

I’m going to pick about 10-15 songs at random by the shuffle mode on my iPod and we’ll get a bit of opinions out there.. just let me update my play list real quick. The deal with this is that I will not do anymore than 2 songs per any one group. So let’s get this show on the road and spin my little clicker wheel around.

OH! & the links where the song name and band are leads to their PV/Live on youtube. 🙂

On a side note; the GPKISM profile is done.

  1. X Japan — Drain
    >> Its after me, I swear. This songs has already played six times today and I think its wants on my top 25 songs. With a song by X Japan, I know why. “…I want to be free…” From beginning to end its a good song, all the songs from Dahlia seem to be just as good as the music they released that the beginning of their career. Heeelllooo people, its X Japan!
  2. Dir en Grey — Kodou
    Wow, its really been a while. I remember the day that Sammeh introduced me to Dir en Grey and this was one of the first songs I listened to. I have to say, I’m glad for it too. One listen to Dir en Grey and I am since to return to the American scene. Kodou is one of those songs you just get attached to so easily, singing along with it later isn’t a problem at all and you can hear Kyo vocalizing every word, its really a sweet melody.
  3. BLOOD — I Remember You
    More BLOOD, that’s all we talk about these days, but of course we are, Kiwamu is always doing something around the clock. The PV is also quiet wonderful, it gives a lot of fangirls a major heart attack probably(XD), This song is like those songs I actually would recommend while driving, mainly because I don’t see you going over the limit. Its also one of Sammeh’s favorites, which I don’t blame her for. The only thing I would suggest to Fu-ki, and this is for the PV, don’t try to head bang, please.
  4. Antique Cafe — Maple Gunman
    BOU!! A song where Bou was present and before he left the band due to personal reasons. The PV for this also reinforces that Antic Cafe is Oshare Kei. Everyone is all cute and fluffy.. and jumping around like kids on crack (;>>). Miku’s hand signals when he does the chorus is sort of cute though.. *ahem*… anyways its catchy and Bou was still in the band at this point. Next song.
  5. BUCK-TICK — Alice in Wonder Underground
    Again, another song with a PV attached to it. Alice in Wonderland.. almost. Its definitely different I must say, a bit creepy on that note too. I’m sure most of us have read or been read the story of Alice in Wonderland, this is the more creepy version, which might make it seem odd when the song has a very catchy chorus. “..Oh! Yeah! Alice in Wonder Underground… Devil, Angel and Epicurean Let’s go!…”
  6. 12012 — Shudder
    From what I’ve heard from Rei, the new 12012 sounds more jazzy than the did with this single. I haven’t heard it yet. Sammeh did a great deal of showing me around the scene in the beginning, which I am grateful for, but to this day I still don’t like Icy Cold City. I actually decided, even if I sound judgmental, I wanted to look more into 12012 after I bought an edition of Cure and when I opened it, this little flyer for 12012 fell out. this was one of the songs that I took a liking to, the album artwork is also very impressive.
  7. SiSeN — SaGa
    *Ahem*… lol… Its a techno song with no vocals or sounds except for the little X rated sounds going on in the background. Youtube has no PV, just an AMV for this song, which I don’t know if I’m grateful for or disappointed about. I don’t believe the reviews I heard about this song until after I listened to it, and I really have nothing more to say about it. XD
  8. Dir en Grey — Saku
    Shinya, you might not have given much up in your birthday interview for turning 30, but I never have something bad to say about the way you play. This PV and song is fun to make people listen to, mainly because when they see it, its this hilarious response for me to see them in between wanting to barf or run away. XD Yes, preciousss… Go watch it and wither to death in the beauty!!
  9. Gackt — Luna
    Can’t seem to find a PV for this one either oddly. Generally, and most of the staff knows this.. I don’t like Gackt. I’ve not really taken a huge interest on his career or really cared about it. I realize that you have to in the case of Malice Mizer and S.K.I.N., yes he can sing, but I don’t care much for him or his music.
  10. hide Matsumoto — Dice
    … I think I’m gonna cry. *fans self* The anniversary is getting close and closer each day, sadly, but its good to have these songs pop up on my iPod and to see people still appreciating hide. A great guitarist for the records, one to surely not be forgotten, sit back go watch the PV. Nice guitar rifts, hide.
  11. D’espairs Ray — Marry of the Blood (Violin Version)
    Sugizo is in this one! Well, sort of.. he did the violin work for the song and then Hizumi talks for about 2 minutes at the end. Can’t find a PV for this one either! Just my luck v.v;; I suggest you listen to it anyways. You hear Sugizo’s lovely violin work in the beginning then Hizumi goes off with “…I am beautiful creature…”. And then for this version Hizumi talks a bit at the end, where I’m guessing another song starts up after. They are also on the ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos tour, if you have a concert review and/or photos, please send them to us, we’d like to hear how they are doing!
  12. MUCC — Fuzz (Electro Cruisin’ Mix)
    ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos tour, and in the movie Cloverfield(even if it was for like 4 seconds). Also had a US release in February! MUCC is showing a lot of colors lately and Tatsurou and the boys seem to be doing very well on the tour. For all of you in Japan, they have a tour following ToC, same applies for DesRay for concert reviews. Anyways, to the song.. listen to it, hell buy it on the iTunes music store, I demand that you do!
  13. Girugämesh — Deceived Mad Pain
    W00t! Deceived Mad Pain, no PV either for this one, but the hell I care! I would like to see a PV made for this song though, it would be most wonderful. Another vanity issue here, I guess. There is a game, internet Jrock game called ‘Deceived Mad Pain’ and its one of the only reasons why I bought this song. ;>> I wouldn’t suggest playing DMP if you don’t have enough knowledge, its like quicksand, draws you in and doesn’t let go!
  14. Rentrer en Soi — PROTOPLASM
    Rentrer en Soi for you. Never listened to them much up to one point where I found this 130 song library of forgotten music. I have a heavy metal library of music like whoa, but I was a tinsy bit surprised to find this song hidden between Nattefrost and Dimmu Borgir. I’m glad to say found it. If you’ve never listened to anything Rentrer en Soi, start here!
  15. Kaya — Kagomi Oni
    Final song for this edition, and the lovely Kaya comes on. This song isn’t like SiSeN’s in a nut shell as there is actual vocals and nothing X rated in the background, but maybe its just because I wasn’t expecting something like this. Its like it would fit perfectly into some odd little scene in a movie where its a huge akward silence and this happy music plays. Put that into images however way you can, I don’t really know how to.

~ by Raelynn on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Song Reviews (2nd Edition)”

  1. Wow thats an awesome collection of amazing music you have there Rae. It is all awesome, however; the video of Saku doesn’t even compare to the full awesomeness that is it live and Kyo is crying on stage….So beautiful. *sniff*

  2. Dir en Grey live surpasses their PVs usually. Kyo is very raw emotion on stage.

  3. Yeh, Dir en Grey ROCKS!!!

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