Gackt: He’s not dead, its fake.

Today we recieved a comment on our Gackt page. See below:

Wilfredo Malave Davila

Gackt M.S Camui RIP 1973-2007


Camui Gackt was always a smart man, beginning from childhood. He was a child prodigy, mastering many musical instruments. Gackt is and had always been extremely competitive and had stated, “It’s not that I want to win; it’s just that I don’t want to lose.” At the age of seven, Gackt nearly drowned in the Sea of Okinawa, and after being rescued, gained paranormal abilities to see things that others could not. Gackt had said that he would not have children due to the fact that he did not wish to pass the problematic abilities unto them. Gackt was the former singers of Cains:feel and Malice Mizer. Malice Mizer is where he made his mark, bringing the band to it’s ultimate fame with his amazing voice and writing. Unfortunately, due to irreconcilable differences, Gackt left the band, but fortunately started a solo career in which he gained even more fame. Gackt died in 2007, of reasons unknown. He will be sorely missed by his fans and loved ones, but he will always be remembered. Gackt left his mark in our world, and will stay with us forever.

HE’S NOT DEAD. Its fake. If he was dead the Japanese news would probably go nuts and there would be a message from S.K.I.N. If you get a comment like this on your website, blog or in your emails, delete it. Its fake.


~ by Raelynn on March 9, 2008.

13 Responses to “Gackt: He’s not dead, its fake.”

  1. who the hell is the sick bastard that would make something like this

  2. The one whom originally posted it twice.

  3. why would anyone post something like that???
    is he/she nuts??

  4. The link in the person’s name went to a gackt myspace…not a fanspace, but, I believe someone pretending to be him…and that obit was on there as well.

    Talk about moronic…

  5. There is an myspace “honoring” a “dead gackt” but no one has jumped on it.

  6. I have sent this to my friends and they find that message sick! It isn’t right for people to pretend to be Gackt, it’s just a disgrace to him! Whoever wrote that entry must be very sick in the head! >____<

  7. Gackt was a bit sick in the head when he “faked his death”.

  8. […] M.S camui RIP 1973-2007 Obituary: camui gackt was always a smart man, beginning from childhood. a c k t S y n d r o m e vr.03 // Your 1 Source For Gakuto Camui As you surely understood thanks to […]

  9. no it can’t be true, im serious, it’s not fair he is faking it im sure COZ I AM SO CUT, HIS NOT DEAD!!!! I JUST WATCHED HIS MOVIE ONLY TWO DAI AGO HIS NOT DEAD!!!!!

    he isn’t it can’t be true, GACKT COME BACK… i know it’s weird but im so cut right now, i think it wouldve been all over the news.. you know what i can also see things other can’t.. ghosts if it is called, i got it through my family line, it isn’t very nice seeing these things but i know what he been through…
    GACKT COME BACK… prease..

  10. Lol…calm down.

    Unless they’ve found a way to clone him, of course he’s not dead.

    He’s getting ready to film Bunraku.

  11. You Have Been Troll’d lol

  12. that’s just stupid~ he just released his new single JESUS yesterday (3/12/2008) 2008 PEOPLE!!!

  13. I met him and got an autograph in 2009. This person is just sick for doing this….but if this is gackt trolling everyone i wouldn’t know if i would scream at the man or high five him.

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