D’espairsRay and The Underneath release update!

As I mentioned earlier, on March 18 albums by D’espairsRay and The Underneath will be on sale here in the US.

This has been confirmed, and you will be able to find these albums at FYE stores. You can currently find them on FYE’s website, for pre-order, at amazing prices.

The Underneath–Moon Flower

and don’t forget that MUCC’s Best of album went on sale at FYE on Feb. 26.


Also, I’ve been seeing a few reports from ToC, and it looks as though D’espa, MUCC, and The Underneath have been very well received! If you’ve been to one of the shows, I’d love to hear how it went!!

(I have internet again!! Yay!!)


~ by Samehada on March 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “D’espairsRay and The Underneath release update!”

  1. so yanking them when i get home from Korea

  2. I’m really happy with FYE’s prices. I’ll be running out and getting all three more than likely as soon as I get monies…

  3. FYE’ll have them?

    They had better or Imma complain like I’ve never complained before!

  4. I was at ToC in St. Louis on the 5th and yeah, MUCC, and D’EspairsRay were liked, but nowhere near as popular as the English bands 😦

    The Underneath was pretty well liked too, and definitily better then I had expected.

    You can see pictures at dingsomething.com and their myspace. I think they may be part of the official photography (they had fliers at ToC).

  5. That’s awesome.
    Jrock is definetely growing in America.
    It’s very big in Europe. The Gazette was very well recieved. Anyone see them?

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