Published Fanletters of Visual Kei in SHOXX?

JaME is giving an opportunity for fans to get a letter based on their fan-doms of bands, songs and to readers of the popular magazine SHOXX. According to their website:

Anyone that likes visual kei and J-rock can send in a fanletter for a chance to get it published in SHOXX. In your letter, you can write about your favorite bands, your favorite songs and write a message to the SHOXX readers in Japan. A portrait photo will published along with your letter, so don’t forget to include a photo of yourself! You can email your letter to

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to publish every letter we receive because of the limited space in SHOXX. Therefore, we will randomly select a letter. On the first of every month we will randomly pick one letter out of all the participants.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for someone that is a fan of visual kei! The rules are quiet simplified they include:

  1. Write your letter in understandable English! Non-English letters will not be read and are excluded from participation!
    This means you must put English-English, not chat speak lol English. You’ll look like an idiot, and it might not translate over.
  2. Don’t list too many bands.
    The ultimate uber bad news, now you have to narrow it down =x.
  3. If you want to write about small indies bands, try to use the official romanization of band names and song titles. If you know how to write them in Japanese, please write them in Japanese, because the fan letter will be translated to Japanese eventually and it saves us time looking it up.
    Make sure the romanization is correct though.
  4. SHOXX is a magazine for teenagers, so write an easy to read message.
    You’re not writing your college thesis here, people!

For more rules and what you have to put on the fanletter go here. The first letter will be selected on March 10th and then before the 31st of each month to possibly be selected for the next month’s issue. Maybe I’ll see what I can whip up for this, but I have to narrow it down like whoa v.v;;;


~ by Raelynn on March 4, 2008.

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