Juliadoll Disbanding

Once again, I bear bad news…an important announcement from juliadoll. They are disbanding. (yes, another disbandment) It’s not up on their OHP yet, but Rui and Nao have posted about it on their blogs. (Rui = http://ameblo.jp/juliadoll-rui/) (Nao = yaplog.jp/juliadoll-nao) Mostly they talked about the usual things; staying strong, apologies to the fans and hoping you’ll stick with them until their last live, May 20th at the Takadanobaba AREA. Nothing much more to say on the subject until more news (like an OHP update) arrives. 


~ by rina on February 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Juliadoll Disbanding”

  1. And I wanted to check juliadoll’s music out…. Shame they’re disbanding.

  2. I’ve been listening to juliadoll for a while. It sucks that they’ve disbanded so early. I’m seriously going to miss their music eventhough it carried the same notes which really didn’t matter much. juliadoll has some awesome, yet, beautiful music, “eternity” being the most.

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