UnsraW Performing Without Yuuki

Yuuki, vocals, is physically unwell, and (sadly) has been unable to perform at their recent lives yesterday and the 23rd. The blog says something about a collapse, so he’s probably been working too hard. He’s always trying to please everyone.
This, of course, means he won’t be performing at the live today, so it’ll just be Tetsu, Rai, Shou, and Jun singing together. (I wonder how that’s working out XD) This is their first time performing without him.
 On another note, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, eh? Happy Birthday Sammeh!  


~ by rina on February 26, 2008.

5 Responses to “UnsraW Performing Without Yuuki”

  1. Poor Yuuki. He is such a hard worker even though his singing is hardly tolerable. Maybe the others will sound better than him XD.
    Just joking… Yuuki I love you even if you’re tonedeaf.

  2. So they’ll be doing sort of an Acapella thing? XD

  3. XD I guess so!! *Gets a random mental picture of The Four Peter Griffins singing Mozart* lol, Even if their singing may suck, at least you get to see something instead of finding out that you paid all that money for a band that cancels.

  4. Aww I feel bad for poor Yuuki. :/ But atleast he’s trying his hardest to please everyone. ^_^ lol

  5. […] is pausing activities.. A while ago we reported that UnsraW would perform without their vocalist Yuki. The band performed live without their vocalist for lives during February, but now UnsraW are […]

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