South by Southwest Festival + the pillows Tour

March 12 – March 16 at Austin Texas, the legendary SXSW festival shall commence again, with many many Japanese bands on the set list. 🙂

March 12:
At The Rio:
Maki Rinka (jazz).

March 14:
At Elysium:
Sodopp (rock)
Avengers in Sci-Fi (rock)
Quartz-head 02 (electronic)
detroit7 (rock)
Petty Booka (bluegrass)
Ketchup Mania (rock)

March 15:
At Elysium:
Toddle (rock)
Damage (JAPAN) (rock)
The Emeralds (punk)
The Pillows(rock)
At Flamingo Cantina:
Dokkebi Q (reggae)
At Molotov Lounge:
aonami (electronic)

Also, the pillows are taking a few pit stops here in America, with performances at San Francisco, Seattle, and New York, besides at SXSW and Anime Boston (March 22).


~ by rina on February 26, 2008.

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