LOL it is happy day! Its talk like Peggy’s blog day!


rae receive many balloons and chocolate xoxo.

Valentines is the day of the ebilness!

「rae not recieve valentine from the boy in very long time! 😦 The boy should give rae chocolate!」

hum hum hum the boy should be kinder to rae and the girls not run away from the longing hugs!

The weather is very pleasant, cool!
rae does not do good talk like peggy but try

the boy was very mean to rae. the boy spank rae hard and then toss around like doll from boy to boy ! D=

Hehe i love spank ^___^.

I love boobs! the girl! please show rae your boobs for happy tiem!

i am sad !
the boobs deny rae

Sammeh always pleases rae
but sammeh leave rae alone! Sammeh is bad!

the boy and girl should not love sammeh!
the boy and girl should be mean!
 lets play! the boy must wear skirt for turn up!

if boy refuse ( ̄^ ̄)凸

kya~~~ ily!!!

~ by Raelynn on February 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “HI!!!”

  1. I about died laughing!

  2. =D

  3. Wait it’s today I thought it was yesterday

  4. WordPress runs on British time. It might have been 7:30 my time writing the post, but ti was after midnight in Britian.

  5. lmao…you did good peggy!!!

    I didn’t get the chance to talk like him @_@

  6. Peggy just caused tea to shoot from my nose.

    His valentines blog entry…omg



  7. Did you see the lovely little object in his hand? XD

  8. That’s what caused the tea nose thing XD!!

  9. Peggy is a naughty little boy! XD

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