Mirror and Moon Flower scheduled for US release!

As everyone by now knows, The Underneath (Transtic Nerve) and D’espairsRay will both be appearing on the Taste of Chaos Tour. 

On March 18, courtesy of J-Shock Records both bands will be releasing albums in the US!!

D’espairsRay’s Mirror and The Underneath’s Moon Flower will be released in US stores on March 18.  Keep checking the blog for updates when we get them! 

~ by Samehada on February 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mirror and Moon Flower scheduled for US release!”

  1. Bout time we got more bands getting US recognition.

    Im really excited for the Underneath/T.N. CD mainly due to the fact I already have all of Des’Rays discography

  2. I hope this release actually gets to the United States this time. I went searching all over for the MUCC CD and never found it.

  3. lol it’ll be here. Mucc’s cd hasn’t been released yet either…it’ll be on the 20th maybe…I don’t remember…but its some time in the end of this month.

  4. It had better be there or I’m going to the big man!

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