Your input please?

A food for thought while I have my mind on it.. What do you think of fansites? And what constitutes an official/unofficial fansite?

I was reading back on the beta blog under Winning the sidebar war that I had made, in before, editing the resource page. I did remove some things, mostly fansites that we had listed under the sidebar that I had put up there in the beginning when I was looking up information on some artists or something I wanted to bookmark.

Since this genre probably has more fansites than any other listing of musicial types combined, I wanted to ask you guys what your opinions where on people who have fansites of their favorite band and why or why not that is good/bad.

Enlighten me, would you?


~ by Raelynn on February 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Your input please?”

  1. I think as long as the fans aren’t being total douches and treating their idols like objects, fansites of any kind are good. J-Artists must also keep in mind that without the fans they are just some guys wearing dresses and a ton of makeup.

  2. I have seen some really really awesome fansites, Masakarasu, Ranshin, and Rosen Kreutz to name a few…

    I like fansites that are very well done, and focus on more than just “OMG HES SO HAWT!!!”.

  3. Yes, I like Masakarasu and TSUKIYO for the most part, but I have seen some very, umm.. idiot fansites.

  4. Cashin, I’ll email you later with some suggested improvements.

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