LM.C interview

Please give your messages to JaME readers.

: But I still can’t imagine anyone out there! (laugh)
Aiji: Well, we can’t see how we are seen by overseas fans, and how we are received. So it is hard to get a focus.(laugh)

So how about saying, “Please send us more letters?”

: Yes, that sounds good. I’m simply happy if I get letters, and if our music is sent not only to the Japanese but also to people all over the world, I’m very lucky as a musician, and I’m very happy if more people were to listen to our music. If we have the chance, I want to go all of the continents and do lives.Source: READ

I realize they did say they wanted fan mail, but as outlined in Etiquette for Person to Band Interaction this is not an opportunity for you to spam the living hell out of their inbox just to fill a status quo!

Give LM.C, meaning Aiji & Maya, your HONEST opinions, comments, and wishes. The request/idea that was made is not for you to turn on your spam thinking cap and to be idiots. Be a fan, not a spam robot like the fiends in our spam catcher!

~ by Raelynn on February 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “LM.C interview”

  1. What nice, humble d00des! :O

  2. I loves them!! Maya is so cute X3

  3. They’re amazing. I wish LM.C was more well-known in the US and England like, say, Dir en Grey or Miyavi. Nevertheless, I will support LM.C til the very end!
    Rockin’ the LM.C since 2006

  4. LM.C is my favorite Jrock band! I absolutely love Maya and Aiji! I also wish they were more well-known (encourage them to travel to different places more e.g. where I live…). So, I’ll shout their names to everyone I know! =DD

  5. I love Maya and Aiji soooo much! THEY’RE MY FAVORITE BAND EVER!!!!! I’m especially looking forward to “GIMMICAL IMPACT” which shoul be released November 5th, 2008. I think that’s right…. Everyone, please support them and their new album release! **finally!!!!** XDDDDDD

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