Novelis News!

Novelis will be releasing an ALBUM!!

The guys have posted in various blog entries and listed on their OHP that they’ll be releasing an Album, on April 29th I do believe.

Details have yet to be decided, but as soon as they are we’ll post them here!!

(This is so exciting ^_^)

Btw, the PC version of their site is offline for the time being, I believe Sakura wrote that they’re working on updating/fixing it.

And if you haven’t visited Ko-Ki’s myspace or blog lately, he recently posted an english entry thanking the fans. Go read it!!

They’ve posted fanmail email addresses on their profiles, each one is (where bandmembersname is ummm the bandmembers name lol.).

Their new profile pictures rock…those’re some serious Reno thighs…


~ by Samehada on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Novelis News!”

  1. Holy SHI- O.O

    Look those thighs!! They look more delishiz than Uruha’s butt in those PVC shorts and his thighs combined! *faint drool*

  2. yay 😀 cant wait

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