How many bands…

With two posts of disbandments already on our front page, more is surely to follow. So! How many bands do you think will announce an “on break”, “on hiatus” or “disbanding” announcement? Poll below is for the entire year of 2008.

How many bands?

Discuss: Why do you think bands are leaving the scenes and the industry?


~ by Raelynn on February 2, 2008.

15 Responses to “How many bands…”

  1. I can hope and pray that 0 bands from here on out disband or take any “breaks”. But if they do, then it will be a sad day for us all in J-Rock land.

    Though I do have this to say:


    thank you and that is all

  2. Probably 6-10 bands.

    I think it has to do a lot with societal pressure. That’s probably the main cause. Other than that, money, money is always an issue with bands around the world.

  3. 6 – 10 i think xD

    personal reasons and money i guess ._.

  4. Amber and Sakii, Being in a previous band and hopefully a future one. Yes I can say that money CAN be an issue, but if the band has good chemistry they can usually work through that. But usually a band break up is usually caused due to mishaps in the band. Regardless if the mishap communication, lack of inspiration, being tired of how things are (which happens to VK bands often), deaths/injuries of members, etc…

    We honestly can not limit the causes down to just money or society. Sorry to be a lil rain on you reasoning parade.

  5. Rei, stop raining on parades.

  6. Thanks for your input Reisuzoku! You didn’t rain on my parade at all. I’ve known a lot of musicians and lets be honest, they aren’t the easiest people to get along with. So, internal pressure builds and ciao baby.

  7. I said 0-5…in the hopes that it’s 0.

    I hate disbandments.

    I’d love to be some sort of therapist for bands LOL…kinda like marriage counciling. Wouldn’t that rock?

  8. Sammeh, when I get “Tsuki de Sangre” off the ground you can be our band marriage counciler

  9. Every member of D has been in at least four band prior to D, and D isn’t the only example, so I don’t worry too much. Some of these guys do go out of the spotlight to get desk jobs or whatever, but a lot of them just form new bands and recycle themselves. You just have to look for them in a new gig again.

  10. Woot! Rei you win!!

    @bhree…true that. I intend to keep my eyes open for these guys in other bands.

  11. i think you should have a 10+ option. even though it’s only febuary, i can name 7 bands off the top of my head who have already disbanded or plan to disband soon within the new year.

  12. The last one with 10+, poll burner just didn’t show the + sign up.

  13. Well the band Hurts isn’t disbanding but all members are leaving except for the vocalist. <_<

    I hope Hina (vo.) can maintain the sound that he had with the other band members.

    I don’t want any other bands to end. I wish Phantasmagoria hadn’t disbanded… they had such a unique sound. Now one of the members has gone on to form Attic, but it won’t be the same =[

  14. livi

    Jun went off to make ATTIC which is awesome and Riku went off to make CHARIOTS which sounds a lot like ‘Mago

  15. Oh I’m not saying it’s bad or anything… Just saying it will never be the same; just like when any other band stops making music.

    I have some chariots but haven’t caught onto them just quite yet =P

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