Viored Disbandment

Viored final performance [Chaos]  

February 23, 2008 (Saturday) Takadanobaba AREA 

 Open/18: 00 Start/18: 30  

Adv / Day JPY 2,500 / 3,000 yen different generations D / JPY 500

And that comes directly from Viored’s website. Viored has ended. Kei (vo.) has left. End of story.

The live will not include Kei. Apparently he’s wanted to leave since last year.

Fans of Viored will have already heard the news, as it was announced around Jan. 15.

If any of you are in the area, go see Yuuichi (gu.), Nagi (gu.), seiya (ba.), and Kou (dr.), cheer them on, and wish them luck in the future. I on the other hand will be sulking, once again, about yet ANOTHER disbandment. 



~ by rina on February 1, 2008.

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  1. Whats with the huge text Rina?

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