Etiquette for Person to Band Interaction

** This post can be used for both concert going and internet use.

Chances are you have a myspace and you have your favorite band(s) added there. Most musicians and bands these days have a website and on it is their contact information email or a box for you to send comments/messages to them. The problem most people have is when they get to the actual emailing or sending of messages, they don’t know what to put in there.

There are a few things to remember about bands, especially Japanese ones; not all of them run their own myspace and check their own emails. Because of that reason, most of them will never read what you say and that prompts people to be idiots in the messages and emails. If you have a band that does answer their own emails and run their own myspace, then here are a few things you need to remember, especially for myspace:

  1. They do not care if you uploaded pictures of yourself recently.
  2. They do not care about your personal life.
  3. They will not comment on your pics.
  4. Do not solicit sex or offer sex in return for any sort of reward.
  5. Do not demand, solicit, or blackmail for tickets or backstage passes.
  6. They will not give you a private fanservice.
  7. Don’t ask the band to change their name so you can reap the reward of notoriety.

What you can do:

  1. Be polite to the band(s), not all speak fluent English or any at all.
  2. Thank them for their music/tours.
  3. Wish them prosperity for holidays and birthdays.
  4. Send them gifts via mail.
  5. Attend concerts/buy music in support.
  6. If you do email them for anything, be polite and direct.

As a fan you want to come off as a person, not someone the band might have to get security for or a restraining order. They may be likes gods in your eyes, but they are still people.

~ by Raelynn on January 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “Etiquette for Person to Band Interaction”

  1. FTFW!!!!

    Seriously. Think of them as someone you’d want to respect you if you were to meet them in person.

    I would not respect someone who send me a message with “OMG when I see you in *insert city here* I’d be glad to go back to your hotel with you!!”…

    I would delete that email, and do my best to remember the face/name/screen name of the offending sender. Then I would make damn sure that person never got within 100 feet of me.

  2. Imagine what kind of emails alice nine. might be receiving seeing as they had to cancel tours.

  3. haha alot of people send crazy emails ._.” valentines day is coming up xD imagine what kind of crazy emails fangirls/boys will send…crazy love confessions perhaps? xD~

  4. Well Sakii, everyone knows that is the day that Gackt confesses true love to himself. XD

  5. Do people actually do those things you said not to do!? wow.

  6. Yes.

    # 1 & 2 is a common sight whenever me or Samehada logs onto the blog myspace. As far as 3-6, Yes, people do that.

  7. And it’s really stupid.

    And don’t even get me started on the freaking bulletins.

    Some people need their myspace bulletin button taken away.

  8. Oh god yeah #1-2 are very common, oh, and not only that but people claiming to be dating so-and-so and making sexual comments about said so-and-so… It’s depressing, makes me wonder what the musicians think when they stumble across such rubbish spewed forth by fans. (-___-;)

    I just hope that the ones that do indeed check their own mail/run their myspace think nothing of it. Not all fans are like that. (>_<#)

    Amen to everything you said, Rae. ^3^

  9. I remember when the Backstreet Boys were popular, and they’d hold “Meet the Backstreet Boys!” contests. The winning contestants would always SCREAM INTO THE BOY’S EARS LEIK ZOMG!!!1

  10. Gosh, amen to that! o( = _ =;; )o
    I swear, I don’t know what compels people to write such rubbish. Do they really think that the bands will respect them for that…? Gosh.

  11. I just hope Kiwamu or Sugizo, maybe even Yoshiki never bothers to open that sort of stuff.

  12. i don’t know how you guys sound or who you are but i like JRock bands and read in an OtakuUsa magazine that you were coming to America for a tour. could you please tell me where to go for information? i’d be very greatful.

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