Peggy Approves Holiday + TCST Euro Tour

I’m sure you all have seen February 13th is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE PEGGY’S BLOG DAY some of you said the Holiday is offensive, and that we shouldn’t put words into the mouth’s the artists.

Well seem like its a go for Peggy as his latest entry says:

Talk Like Peggy’s Blog Day

I am a very pleasure!
All of you please enjoy it! lol

He very muchly doesn’t seem to mind that millions of people will be acting and speaking like him. Also because Peggy asked so kindly, here is a plug for their Euro tour:

21/3/08      Berlin Germany/K17
23/3     Helsinki Finland/Gloria
24/3     Utrecht Netherlands/Tivoli de Helling
26/3     Krefeld Germany/KuFa

We hope to see more of you participating in this day ^^.


~ by Raelynn on January 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “Peggy Approves Holiday + TCST Euro Tour”

  1. 8D yay! I am going to enjoy it x] i love his blog entries, they always make me laugh ^^ time to save those yaplog icons

  2. Yep ^_^. We all become PERVERTS LOL

  3. just wondering, how do you make some of the words bigger than the other on wordpress T_T” apparently i cant do it :S

  4. In the HTML format, see this page since I can’t show you in the comments:

  5. oo thankyou!

  6. ^^ Welcome

  7. Ooo cannot wait for it. xDDD
    I’m going to get in so much trouble for talking like him out loud. xD

    *can’t believe people found it offensive considering the material Peggy writes* <<;

  8. What’s so offensive about saying “Boy! Masturbate!”

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