X Japan I.V. PV

Here is X-Japan’s (PV) for the song “I.V.”, which was made for the film SAW IV. Even though the song is brilliant and beautiful in all ways. I cant help but get a lil tear in my eye when ever there is footage of hide or his guitar. Though, I am glad that when yoshiki composed this song, that he incorporated music by hide that has never been released. So in a way he is still there playing with them.

Hide you are greatly missed

~ by reisuzaku on January 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “X Japan I.V. PV”

  1. That is the most beautiful song from X that I have heard since Dahlia. The images of hide’s guitar and him playing the background. Its broken memories, but they are survived through X and through the work of Yoshiki.

  2. TT_____TT hide…
    This song is beautiful and i like the movie

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