Shameless Adverting:

As sayeth by Roger of Tainted Reality, Feb 13th is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE PEGGY’S BLOG DAY. If you don’t know who Peggy is, then let us meet the hotness that is the bassist of The Candy Spooky Theater.

If you’ve never read a blog entry of Peggy’s, suggest you head on over and read it. If you are male, please comment on his blog. XD

Meet the horrific Jslut of Japan & TCST.

Sexy image right there XD.

So the question remains, How do you talk like Peggy’s blog? Its quite simple, and its fun to read for Jrock fans. For one Peggy is obessed with sex so that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Here is an example of one of the millions of colors Peggy uses. The entry is located here.

Do you go to the graveyard to dig a bone?
Peggy does not go!
Ghosts dislike Peggy!

It is a lie!
peggy dislikes ghosts!

But I want to become Regan of the exorcist!


It is not a sentence of the diaries today・・・・・・・・

I am without a bra today!

You become pervert when you read a diary of peggy!


There is also a ton of emoticons used. Myself and Samehada will be participating in this event and we will be using emoticons from Yaplog to make sure it looks horrifically authentic. XDD

Won’t you participate with us in the search of many skirts of Peggy to lift up?

Edit: To solve any debate about how Peggy might feel about this new holiday, please read his latest blog entry here. I think that should clear up quite a bit 🙂


~ by Raelynn on January 24, 2008.

16 Responses to “February 13th is INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE PEGGY’S BLOG DAY”

  1. I live happy every day!

    Please give comment!

  2. The boy must comment. Masturbation is an act of horror! The boy must do it!


  3. Holy shit this is soo awesome! I become bad english pervert when read peggy blog :B XDDDD

  4. Peggy is made of utter awesome. XD

  5. due to a lack of sleep, the colors in this post made my eyes go crazy @_@

  6. Its Peggy’s fault. XD

  7. Personally, I find this kind of offensive.

    But maybe I take things too seriously, lol.

  8. How is it offensive?

  9. this is going to be fun ^^ i shall participate~

  10. Remember to make it authentic!

  11. I am sorry, this is really sad and so offensive. This guy is trying so much to use English. I wonder why people find this “oh so fun” and “oh so challenging”.

  12. They don’t seem to have a problem with it. TCST even advertised on their myspace to listen to TR for the new Holiday. I guess Peggy doesn’t find it offensive.

  13. people ARE aware that the band doesn’t actually run their own Myspace page/post bulletins, right? just so that’s clear. 😉 so let’s not put words into their mouths, haha.

  14. BLOOD does, and that is certain, but TCST still might not have an objections to it. Hell, Peggy wants boys to comment on his blog and masturbate to his images. Doesn’t like he would mind this.

  15. “Hell, Peggy wants boys to comment on his blog and masturbate to his images. Doesn’t like he would mind this.”


  16. They’ve disabled me at school. wtfmhll!!

    Anywho about the comment that I’m commenting for. Go his blog, you will find stuff about “boy please comment on blog” and an entry titled “an image of masturbation”.

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