Gazette’s Guren

Initially I wasn’t going to write about this pv…the previews were pretty good, but not what I’d call awesome…but after watching the entire thing today…wow.

The PV starts with a shot of a red, rundown room and a little girl in a red dress. It gives off this very bloody feel.

I knew at this point (around 30 seconds into the PV) exactly what the plot would be.

But even easily guessed, the pv is no less astounding. There are some really great shots of the band members…and this visual reminds me a ton of Cassis. There are some serious product placement shots of the jewelry they created for gemcerey…though the jewelry is quite beautiful…(I totally want that chandelier looking necklace).

Each band member has at least one shot with the little girl in white in the background. I love the “regaining your innocence” theme.

The song itself, has none of the almost hip-hoppy riffs they used in many of the songs on Stacked Rubbish, instead, Guren is reminiscent of Nil with it’s soft harmonies and underlying bass rhythm.

I love Aoi’s guitar…

There are very few good shots of the entire band, and much of the pv is done using rack focus…but I did manage to get this one:

Here are a few more shots of the PV that I really liked:

(click on any of the screens for a bigger version)

GUREN will be on sale 13 Feb 2008

Click read more for the PV on youtube!

~ by Samehada on January 23, 2008.

11 Responses to “Gazette’s Guren”

  1. Aois new sexy guitar is a double necked ESP F-series baritone

  2. I had a feeling you’d know that 😛

  3. OMG yeah i loved guren!!!! >.<
    and aoi’s guitar <333 mmm doubleneck…. XD

    but MY favorite part was definitely ruki licking the mic P: XDD

  4. It’s a bit disappointing that Kai’s drumming is quite repetitive
    through the entire song. However, I still love the song.
    I literally cried when I saw this.

  5. The pictures don’t work ;-;

    I totally agree with you.

  6. We know. People are massively stealing our bandwidth by using the images linked here instead of saving it to their computers. Its happened on the Graphics blog as well.

  7. i havent see it yet T.T
    looks awesome, i think it’s time for me to download it..

  8. I cried when I watched Guren. It breaks my heart everytime, seeing Ruki so shaken up, and the marks on his neck!!
    It’s awful


    Poor thing.
    But they were all so wonderful in it. *nod*

    (lurve on Aoi’s guitar ❤ )

  9. i love u all

  10. ruki ur mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. aoi my friend alex loves u so she wants u to fuck her

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