X JAPAN News Roundup, and MUCC music in a movie?

I’m sure by now you’ve all be over to JRR’s site and watched the PV preview for I.V., right?  If not, mosey that way and watch!  You’ll have to log in to their front page, or create an account to see it.  You can do that by looking down the page on the left side bar.

Want to discuss it with other JRR site goers?  Hit the JRR forums and look for the X Japan forum under the Other Bands section.  

X Japan will also be releasing a new best of collection, it will contain the songs I.V. and Without You with vocals by Toshi. Not sure of the release date for that yet, but we’ll keep you posted!

The band has also just announced that they will be performing two shows, March 28 and March 30 2008 at Tokyo Dome.  These two shows, collectively called X JAPAN ATTACKS AGAIN 2008 I.V. ~Towards Destruction~, will be an awesome chance for fans both new and old to see the band in action.  No news yet on who will be a guest guitarist, or if there will even be one.  Each night has it’s own title, the first show will be ~ Destruction Night ~, the second ~ Creation Night ~. 

More information will be forth coming, stay tuned to the blog or JRR for information!

MUCC fans who went to see the movie Cloverfield, released on Friday, were shocked to hear a very short snippet of music that they recognized during the film!  Reportedly (I’ve not seen the move yet myself), the song FUZZ can be heard for a few seconds during the party scene, and it is, in fact, credited at the end of the film along with the other musical credits!  Wonder if it’ll wind up on the soundtrack?  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful step forward for the band, who is scheduled to be on the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour this March! 


~ by Samehada on January 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “X JAPAN News Roundup, and MUCC music in a movie?”

  1. MUCC on the Cloverfield movie? 😮 ^_^

  2. It’s true, if you pay attention they play a very small snippet. Considering the party portion is about 5~ minutes long, just keep an ear out. I gave a nice nudge to the ribs of my friends when the credits rolled by.

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