Made of Awesome!

SUGOI! We’ve taken the time out of our busy conversation about Kaede to bring you this message of great lulz and happiness! Notice the new banner, its Kiwamu.. of BLOOD. JR & VK loves BLOOD. We love them lots. ^_^.
Wow. Talk about your suck ups.
LOL!! I kid. Anyway, yeah…I didn’t even notice that we were at that whole 300 K milestone. I fail it. Bad. This is my little audio clip. It’s full of epic fail, I’m sure…but who cares?

~ by Raelynn on January 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “Made of Awesome!”

  1. I demand to know what this thing is woman!

  2. “Full of epic fail”? Sounds like it’s made of win to me :\

  3. Epic win ftw!!

  4. Sammeh, I demand everything that you got high off of that made me lol.

  5. sandy lil buttholes HAHAHA

    … and boy

    made totally of win

  6. The girls.. and boy here are made of win!

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