Jrock Choice Awards Results!

Fan Winners

Best Album:
Stacked Rubbish – The GazettE

Best Song:
Burial Applicant – The GazettE

Best Mini-Album:
7 Samurai Sessions – Miyavi

Best Artist:
The GazettE

Best New Artist:

Best Promotional Video:
Returner – Yami No Shuuen – Gackt

Best Dressed:
Alice Nine

Best Full Length DVD Release:
Despair In The Womb – Dir en grey

Best B-Side or Album Track:
Chizuru – The GazettE

Craziest English Title:
Art Drawn By Vomit – The GazettE

See the rest of the results @ JJR. Congrats to the winners! Do you agree or disagree with the results, or was their someone you wanted to see win, but didn’t?


~ by Raelynn on January 19, 2008.

11 Responses to “Jrock Choice Awards Results!”

  1. Lots of GazettE. Should I be pleased or worried?

  2. I’m not really sure. Gazette wasn’t much for in the news other than the Burial Applicant and Stacked Rubbish relaeses.

  3. This is more like a popularity contest. IMO Versailles and MUCC should have won in something… S.K.I.N. hasn’t even released anything -.-;

  4. I was on the JRR FC during the broadcast…

    It was quite lively.

    I think bands that should’ve been nominated weren’t, D, Merry, and BLOOD just to name a few.

    I think more than anything this just proves that Gaze fangirls are rabid. 😀

  5. Eh, I don’t think a single thing I voted for won, but that’s ok. I thought My Heart Draws a Dream was the best video, and Miyavi was the best dressed. But, I’m surprised Versailles didn’t win the best dressed category, really.

  6. Yeah, I do agree that some of the bands that actually had more activity should have won. I hate to say this because of Yoshiki, but SKIN hasn’t released anything really. All you have on the interwebs its ripped audio from their live and that really doesn’t count as a mini-album or song release.

    The Gazette fanbase is probably screaming their heads off and dancing right now, but I really didn’t hear much of Gazette other than the CD release. :/

  7. yay miyavi! poor mucc…

  8. Mucc should have won for best obscure reference in an American Film. And Versailles should have won best dressed. I mean, have you ever LOOKED at Kamijyo? Come on, people.

  9. Hizaki & Kamijyo should have won best dressed!

  10. I love Gazette but this is just too much… in album and best song others may be better… but in best dressed I’m agreeing with DespairsRae
    (and sorry for my enlgish)

  11. Don’t worry neither is mine and I’ve lived in the United States for 18 years.

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