About a day or so ago, Samehada and I were talking on msn. Recently I started listening to BLOOD and watching more of their videos and such since Sammeh is like this major Kiwamu fangirl. XD. I went to google and looked up the lyrics for CHAIN by BLOOD since I had already watched the video for ‘I Remember You’ and looked up the lyrics for it. Sadly, there was no lyrics for CHAIN to be found.

As telling Samehada this, she jokingly suggested that I email Fu-ki, the vocalist, and ask him for the lyrics to CHAIN. Needless to say I did in fact email him and I received a reply of thanks & the kanji version of the lyrics from Fu-ki. Samehada probably fainted from shock when I told her I got the email back only 15 hours after sending it.. XD

So, I gave her the kanji that was sent to me by Fu-ki and she sent if off to be translated. Since google did not find any traces or pieces of CHAIN when I initially searched for it. Here is the Kanji, Romanji & English for CHAIN by BLOOD.

Here is a small clip of CHAIN by BLOOD for you to listen to and check out:

Lyrics were translated by the lovely 1-5 @ JMI forums. Later corrected by RagNaRok ZaX on 5/5/08.


一瞬の夢 今も大切な瞬間

あの空を奪われ この大地に囚われ
この肉体残して 心だけは君の

Hanabiru no you ni yurameki ochite yuku nara
Uketomeru te wo motomete miyou ka

Isshun no yume, ima mo taisetsu na toki
Kimi to futari de sugoshita ano yoru

ano sora wo ubaware, kono daichi ni toraware
kusate iku you na
kono karada nokoshite, kokoro dake wa kimi no
soba ni isasete…

Shaking like the petals of a flower, if I fall down
Maybe I’ll ask for a hand to catch me

A momentary dream, now is an important moment too
That night I spent together with you

The sky is taken, it’s captured by the Earth
As though it was rotting
This body is left, only my heart is yours
It is close (to you)…

Translator’s Notes:
① 空を奪われ (sora o ubaware) literally means “the sky is taken/I’m deprived of the sky”, but the phrase “心を奪われ” (kokoro o ubaware) means to lose your heart to someone. As Fu~ki uses the phrase “心だけは君の” (kokoro dake wa kimi no – only my heart is yours) a few lines later, it might be a play on words, using the metaphor of the sky being taken by the Earth to represent his heart being taken by the person he loves.

Notes from RagNaRok ZaX:

瞬間(In the context of the lyrics, it is pronounced as “とき-toki”)
肉体(This is pronouced as “からだ-karada”, not “にくたい-nikutai”)


~ by Raelynn on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “CHAIN by BLOOD”

  1. lols, so funny that you call Yuki by email.
    Just type “Yuki.A” rather than “”


  2. I can’t find the lyrics for Jyou Kon annnnywhere. I don’t even know if it’s by BLOOD, because I haven’t seen mention of it anywhere, at all. If you know anything about it, please tell me. ^_^ Thanky!

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