Ceasing of Activities and Greatest album for Juka

Last month it was announced that Juka would be ceasing activities indefinitely.  During his last few live shows he gave the reason, throat polyps.  He has said that he is very sad to have to leave, and that he hopes to return some day.There will be one last release from Juka, Seventh Sense (a best of/greatest album), which will include all his releases from his solo debut to his most recent Saint Croix single.  This final album will be out on Feb. 26th.I’m going to miss him @___@
Also, Juka fans might now that his Feb. album is named after a band he planned to do vocals for with bassist Kazuno, also ex-Moi Dix Mois. Since this has been scrapped due to Juka’s unfortunate departure from the music scene, one song will be released on an omnibus album, Suimenka (aka Minamo Hana) with Juka’s vocals, instead.
It stands to be repeated once again: this is not a good year for visual kei. 😦 *sniffles* I liked Juka. I’ll be playing “Brilliancy” on repeat over and over again…it’s the best word to describe him, I think.
 juka_21.jpg ^ Luxurious, yes?…Click to see full pic

~ by Samehada on January 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ceasing of Activities and Greatest album for Juka”

  1. It’s a HORRIBLE year for jrock! Just atrocious! *tear* The angel has fallen (again; he looks like a fallen angel to me XP) Have brief net access; be back soon!!

  2. Actually, “Seventh Sense” is going to be his Greatest/Best album. Seventh sense, the group he was going to lead for with bassist Kazuno, is what’s been canceled. The “group” will release one song on an omnibus, Suimenka [aka Minamo Hana], with Juka doing vocals instead.

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