Happy Birthday Miku (Antic Cafe)

It’s Miku’s birthday today/yesterday in Japan!  ≧∀≦

Miku's latest pic on their site

Doesn’t he look cute? miku sprite 

On the blog he talked about celebrating with a successful live performance in Shibuya at CC Lemon, so we aren’t the only cafekkos wishing him Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu! He says he got a real charge of mind and body. ^^ Hopefully An Cafe will come the US once again, and perform this time!

miku avi

usagi Lots of love from overseas fans!


~ by rina on January 6, 2008.

13 Responses to “Happy Birthday Miku (Antic Cafe)”

  1. i feel bad nobody said happy birthday for Miku…so Happy Birthday Miku! lol

  2. I know!! This makes me sad. I shall have to educate the masses about Antic Cafe, it seems. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING, CAFEKKOS!?!

  3. **~~miku!!i dont know where to send you happy birthday greetings and at last after a week i find this site*+hugs computer+*huhu!!im so sorry!!~~**

    *~well,.,belated happy birthday!!nyapy!!nyappy!!i heard that you have a very happy birthday!!that’s great!!keep up the good work!!im always here to support you all!!~~**

    **~~domo arigatou gozaimsau that i found this site!!sayonara!!chu!!ja!!mata ne!!nyapp!

    ++always smile!!


  4. NYAPPY!! 🙂
    aishiteru miku! aishiteru AN CAFE!! 😀
    xxx kissu*ChuuUU!*^^

  5. p.s., i’m sorry i couldn’t come to your concert in london 😦
    i heard it was amazing, and i wish you all good luck for the future.
    Hope to meet you sometime soon!
    Aishiteru xxx

  6. oh yeah, and happy belated birthday, miku x

  7. Otanjou-bi omedetou gozaimasu!!!!

  8. I don’t like this blog…even if I’m gonna say: AISHITERU TOTEMO MMIIKKUUchan…you are only mine! desho othr cafekko?

  9. FUCK all u

  10. Eh?

    Why are you mad at us?

    Anyways, awfully late, but I’m wishing a happy birthday over to Miku…



  12. i love you miku

  13. quiero a A-Chan…no la puedo encontrar y me da lo mismo si no entienden lo que digo, esto es una puta forma de expresar mi enojo porque no puedo encontrar a A-CHAN!!!
    Malice Mizer THE BEST BAND!!!! y no me digan lo contrario porque MANA es el mejor…y Miyavi no esta nada de mal…Pro MANA-SAMA THE BEST!!!!y punto
    Ahora diganme donde esta A-CHAN…
    la quiero ahora…quiero una maldita foto de ella!!! una…
    ya no les doy mas lata
    AU REVOIR!!!


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