Jrock & The Visual Kei 2.0 Completed + New Years

Welcome the new affiliate of Fallen Seraph!

Ohayoooo! I hope you all made some decent New Year Resolutions that you can remotely keep. Attempting to make a stain on Yoshiki’s floors is not a New Year Resolution you can keep, Sammeh, 😛

Anywho.. as you can see by the title of this post and everything else. Jrock & the Visual kei 2.0 is now complete. Below are changes that we have made these past 8 months of the year (as JR&VK was created on 4/20).

We has a logo!
Sammeh drew it! Isn’t that pretty? Its a sakura blossom! ^_^
You can find the sakura logos, and some other graphics about the sakura
@ the blog’s deviantART account. Click the Girugamesh icon to get there.
Any graphic we make that does not violate their policy will be posted there.
Happy New Years Everyone, and here’s to more successful days as JrockVisual!
Here’s a picture of one of my Sakura Lanterns while I’m at it.
Yess I know its upside down >.>
Sakura lantern
If you want to see the technical stuff, go here: JRVK Beta

~ by Raelynn on January 1, 2008.

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