Want to Contribute?

First off, you all seem to be checking out the band profiles again, we can see it in our stats! So I have an open invitation to anyone who is bored or does not see a profile of their favorite band on our website.

Want to make custom banners for the website or possibly use the newest ones we have? Head over to the Link Back page.

We currently have about 10+ in the queue, the ones cited with an (+) by the band, only require 100×100 images of the band members.

 You will be credited for your work. 😀

Current queues:
Aikaryu + (also needs a band image)
Black List

If you want to do one of these bands or add your own the format located in the document file(will open fine in wordpad) here: Format Information. Once you are finsihed, EMAIL the complete profile & image urls to Bandprofiles. We accept Japanese, Chinese, and Korean profiles. Just make sure you specify what culture the band resides in on the subject line.


~ by Raelynn on December 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “Want to Contribute?”

  1. […] Contribution line for Band Profiles […]

  2. It’d be nice if you guys could also include lynch. please? ^^;

  3. Got a website about them?

  4. Unfortunately no. :/ I only know about them through an Italian site where I get most of my J-rock music. Here’s the page if it’s any help at all:

  5. I’ll look into it, thanks. 🙂

  6. hi im a nogod chilean fan ^^

    so … do you have a livo prom this group ???

    sorry my english isnt very good



    my mail



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