New Music

I watched Jun’s (ex mago) new pv today, his solo project is called Attic and the new PV is called Dramatic.  Though the song is good, he’s crossing the line of honoring his favorite guitarist and copyright infringement.  If I didn’t know better and closed my eyes, I would’ve thought I was listening to hide, down to his voice and the effects he used on it in the song.The first song on the single, Ugly Gang, is full of win. He uses a zippo as part of the rhythm section.  But the rest is so hide it’s not even funny. Jun’s first solo Atomic smile, was the same way, IMO.

Ugly Gang


I also listened to Girugamesh’s new cd today.  It rocks.  Here are some samples of my favorites:

Koware iku sekai


For now that is all…I’ll update this later with more stuff!

~ by Samehada on December 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “New Music”

  1. Yeah I’ve got a question about uploading music to wordpress. Do you upload it directly on wordpress or on some other server and then post on WordPress? If you do upload on wordpress that means you’ve must have gotten more storage space.

  2. Rae did upgrade our space:D

    But for these files we upload them to a host server and then link them here 😀

  3. The 1GB will probably be used for the podcasts. It depends, but we’ve got a year before it expires.

  4. The first Girugamesh song is Kowareteiku Sekai. you’re missing the t D;

  5. the new girugamesh cd rules ^))))))))))))))^ i love the song barricade :]

  6. Because I have it tagged as 3 separate words it’s iku as tiku isn’t a word lol

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