Good News for Miyavi fans!

From wtf_desuka

On Christmas Day, at his last live with SUGIZO, Miyavi announced that next year he will have his first world tour which will stop in Japan, the US, Germany, France, England, Finland, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.  …

The tour is supposed to be called “THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK TOUR 08.”

Yay for good news!!  I can’t wait to find out more details…seems like 2008 is going to be the year for Japanese music’s invasion in the US! 

Rina in deep announcer voice: I hope so, Sammeh. With all these disbandments, the fans here need some good news.

Miyavi also plans to release a new single in Jan featuring Sugizo. (!!!!!)

Sammeh found a video:

(JaMe: Miyavi has a new single coming out on January 16th. Hi no Hikari sae Todoka nai kono Basho de will feature legendary guitarist and fellow S.K.I.N. band mate, Sugizo. The release will be available in two different versions, a regular edition and a limited edition with DVD.)

 Now we’re just waiting on some S.K.I.N. updates…


~ by Samehada on December 26, 2007.

7 Responses to “Good News for Miyavi fans!”


    Anyways!! Nice ‘IZ’ MYV.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down in extreme happiness* *prays* “please let him come here! Please let him come here!…”

  3. Wonderful!

    p.s. I really like the snowflakes

  4. Thanks for the info ^^


  5. Nick:
    Yeah we do too. Too bad the snow ends on the 2nd. I’d like to have them throughout January.

    Hope, pray and pester with fan-mail. 😆

  6. sugoi!!!!!!! amo a Miyavi lo amo kon toda mi algo super bueno noticia grasias por el dato kien lo dio?? mil grasias al ke lo dio y asee lo malo es ke no biene a mexico T.T deberiamos juntar botos y ke ebnga no??? jje bueno kuando empesara esa gira??? y en donde espesifikamente la dara en EE.UU.??? alomejor y asta puedo ir xD jaja…..

  7. YAY!! you took this from my community!! XD

    its serving some good XD

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