1st US/English Gothic Lolita Bible from Tokyopop

Yes, you heard right. The guide for all that is gothloli is coming HERE! (THE fashion magazine/culture guide/art book) This is necessary for anyone who’s, well, anyone! Even if you’re not going to dress up pwetty, it’ll be fun to look at for just $19.99 per issue [blatant propaganda :P]

EDIT: Actually, preorder it from Amazon for 13.59!!!!

It releases quarterly starting this coming February, so get to tokyopop.com…or see more details HERE.

{Gothloli is ゴスロリ gosurori, is a relatively demure kawaii style that combines victorian-style outfits with gothic touches, whether in dark or light fabric. The best example in manga is Paradise Kiss. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothloli}

Or as Rae put it, Mana in a book. XD Preorder now.

~ by rina on December 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “1st US/English Gothic Lolita Bible from Tokyopop”

  1. So, is it $19.99 for one issue, or for a subscription? Thanks.

  2. Mana in a book. 😮

  3. It’s pretty big. 128 pages or so..

  4. Per issue.
    Sry about the slow reply, Nick. Xmas is a busy busy busy time.

  5. I bet you Mana is doing scary little happy dances in his house. They are less thought through than his Malice Mizer days, but I bet you he’s still doing them.

    Hell, I bet you when no one was calling him in his office at Midi Nette that he was practicing the moves for it. XD

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