Big news for D!!

Anyone who keeps up with D will know that in the last week D fans, (including myself) have been going crazy over one of Asagi’s blog posts, which somehow managed to sound both hopeful and doomy at the same time.

Fans speculated everything from the band going major to the band breaking up as the source of Asagi’s obvious nervousness. He said that their last live of the Neo Culture tour, 12/21 at Zepp Tokyo would contain “an event that’s both a first and a last.”

As it turns out, last night’s announcement was that D will be going major in the Spring.

I don’t know the label yet, but this is a huge announcement from the band…and we wish them good luck!

Edit:  D will be joining The Smile Company.  They’re the only visual band on the label…and after looking at the other bands I’m worried…lots of pop princesses…hopefully this’ll be a good move for them!

*thanks to Adrienne @ Shattered Tranquility LJ for the snippet of translation and info on the label.


~ by Samehada on December 21, 2007.

6 Responses to “Big news for D!!”


  2. OMG!! *faints*
    Damn ye Asagi for cryptic messages!

  3. Good luck D!
    I’m glad for you!

  4. how can they be joining them if they have there own lable

  5. God Child records is an independent label, meaning that essentially the members of D and their staff, and any management that they might’ve hired have to do all the work. They’re responsible for all the publicity, all the photo shoots, all the costuming, and everything else that goes along with being an artist.

    Signing to a major label is kind of like them handing over some of the reins to someone else. Now their new label will foot the bill for some of the stuff they need and comes equiped with a much larger staff to handle everything that goes on. Granted, the label will get a portion of the Yen from the selling of their merch.(I’m pretty sure that’s how it works), but in the end, to paraphrase Asagi, it lets them relax a bit and focus on making music. 🙂

  6. asagi this BIIIIIIG LOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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