LiN CLOVER to separate indefinitely in 2008

Once again, another disbandment. 😦


Ren, Nao, and YuRi have decided to abandon the “little girl” that became LiN CLOVER, Jrock sensation, voted best rock band by Shoujo Beat Magazine. At least they left with quite a few appearances in America under their belt.

This is all of a sudden, but it has been decided that LiN CLOVER will suspend all activities on January 14, 2008.All of us have thought about this time after time and discussed it. At this point, in order to put closure on LiN CLOVER, each of the members will move on to new paths.We dare to fit hope and development into the word “suspend,” and – until a miracle occurs – in order to create a miracle we intend to keep moving forward.

For everyone who supported us we truly say Thank You. We are filled with feelings of appreciation. As with every live show up until now, we will put all of our power into the last two remaining shows live shows.

Please continue to support us.


They plan to do some solo work, and we can only hope that this unique group, refusing to be boxed into any visual category, will return.


~ by rina on December 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “LiN CLOVER to separate indefinitely in 2008”

  1. There is something in the waters. I’m telling you.

  2. I agreed with you

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