JRock & The Visual Kei 2.0

Hey Guys!

Since April of this year we’ve gotten over 250k views!! That’s over a quarter of a million!!

We want to take this time to thank you all for your views and visits! We surely couldn’t have done this without you!

As this blog has gone on we’ve made a lot of changes. It started as a simple news and the occasional album review blog…then it morphed into something much larger! Now we have a Myspace, a forum (that we never check…fail), we even have a DeviantART account. Our staff has ebbed and flowed, not only that but we’ve grown as fans, and gained lots of new knowledge.

That being said, in the weeks to come there are going to be a TON of changes. We want to make our blog something more then it currently is, we want to make it a place that not only supports Asian music, but encourages it’s growth.

We can’t let you all in on ALL our plans just yet, but we can tell you our first two steps to JRock & The Visual Kei 2.0…

In a week, (12/24/07), we will be deleting the Past Rotations pages, and Samehada will be killing 90% of the uploads on her mediafire, megaupload, and sendspace accounts. In recent weeks, we’ve been reading up on some of our favorite artists’ blogs and we’ve seen all the work they put into what they do. Samehada has begun to feel guilty with each new upload, and we have to wonder…do the massive amounts of downloads we have on this blog *really* help the artists? We’re not so sure anymore.

We will continue doing podcasts, though we will not upload the songs used in them, and we are also looking for a way to embed songs into posts so that they can still be heard. We know that living in countries other than Japan makes it difficult for most fans to actually get to hear new artists… afterall, who would want to buy what they cannot hear?

Step two is the search for a translator. Coming up we’re going to post an application for a English->Japanese, Japanese->English translator to help out with some stuff that we want to start doing on the blog.

We know that most of you come here to dl the latest music, and for the inconvenience we’re going to cause, we’re sorry…we hope you continue to read our blog and stay with us in the weeks to come as we unveil our new plan.

–The JRandVK crew.


~ by jrockadmin on December 18, 2007.

26 Responses to “JRock & The Visual Kei 2.0”

  1. […] As most of you know, the main blog I keep up with is Jrock & the Visual Kei.  It’s undergoing some changes that you can read about here. […]

  2. Eh, you’re probably right about the downloading music thing. The same thing probably applies to all sharing of anime that goes on. Geneon is closing down, and ADV is in financial trouble. Anime doesn’t seem to be losing popularity though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because everyone just downloads what they want now in instead of buying it. Most people that listen to J-Rock (myself included) probably don’t buy much or any music, because there’s so much available for download. That makes it hard for JRock artists to be successful internationally.

    At any rate, I’m a poor college student from a poor family, and I don’t really have the money to buy anime or music one way or another.. so I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I see your point.

  3. Join the poor club! ^^
    I’m so in it. xD I have no idea how I am able to buy JRock music.

    But yeah, Nick you aren’t alone, I’m going to be a poor college student soon too… so yeah.

    In the end, this is just one more step.
    We need to help the artists, not screw them over. (゚ペ)

  4. Yep. Well, I might have a little bit of extra money next semester. I kinda got screwed over with work study this semester and only got half the hours I was supposed to get, and pretty much all the money went to food (after all, what can you really buy with 5 hours a week at minimum wage?). But, ya. I guess if I use that as an excuse to download music, I’ll have no motivation to buy it when I do have the money.

  5. There are so many good bands that I’m not sure I would have heard of without file sharing rotations and things like that though. Perhaps what we could do to solve this is write reviews for any cd we buy, and since they’re designed for promotion, maybe still share PVs?

  6. sorry for being such an erratic poster!

    Personally, I don’t like the way capitalism works in regard to art. I wish artists could have what they need to live comfortably and what they need to create their art without having to worry about selling it as a product.. and I wish fans could enjoy as much art as they like without having to worry about having enough money for it.

    But, as things are now, just sharing the art without paying the artists will unfortunately result in the artists not having the means to continue their art.

  7. We’re thinking of making snippets, instead of giving the whole songs, soooo, you can still check a band out, but you won’t have the entire thing for free, y’know?

    As for PVs…. we haven’t discussed that yet.

  8. Ah…well, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you guys have been kind of lax in the news department, considering that An Cafe and DIO are touring in Europe, Juka’s taking a break from recording for personal reasons, Miyavi and SUGIZO are releasing a single together, and LiN Clover’s disbanding…*sweatdrop* You’re gonna have to step up your game a little bit, and I don’t know how you’re going to do all that if you guys have such busy schedules!
    You need more staff. And you’re going to lose a lot of people without music rotations. You better have a looot of new plans for making jrvk into THE database for one’s jrock news. I have a few suggestions…

  9. And what happened to Sally and the other people who were on the staff list?

  10. The problem with staff and getting more is that they either do one post and don’t come back or disappear.

  11. and we like suggestions 😀

  12. Damn it, rina I was going to post the tour information once this post was done with. >>

    So much for that idea. >>

  13. Sally made two posts and sort of left. Malice moved away and hasn’t been online since.

  14. Welllllllll, here I am! Your lovely little assistant. You guys have IM?

  15. We all have msn.

    I have msn, & aim. Can’t find my yahoo program at the moment. XD

  16. No msn, currently. One suggestion is to make like Jrock Radio and use radio.blog.club, so that everyone can have access to new albums , singles, artists, etc, without actually being able to download them.
    I shall brainstorm for more good ideas. back in 15 min.

  17. I have aim, yahoo, and msn.

    (Rae, if you go to meebo.com you can use messengers without having the program on your computer)…

    Let us know which you use, rina, and we can sign on 🙂

  18. Give me a minute…I have a new computer that’s irritating me, and I’ll have to download something…

  19. no worries!!

  20. Ok, just got MSN up and working…except that I’ve never used it before XD, so don’t know how to do chat room.

  21. i meant conversation…

  22. lol! I’m ladysgrace@hotmail.com (that’s my msn we can add others)

    If you add me I”ll add Rae (and jenn if I can talk her into it) to the conversation

  23. Have signed up. Account name: ainote

  24. (lol, forgot to say this is rina)

  25. A bit slow of me but I might have a solution for you guys to do the whole streaming thing.

    um…you guys have my MSN so I’ll explain there, if you’re still trying to find a way.

  26. See my msn. 😛

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