hide Matsumoto: Happy Birthday/Memorial

Happy Birthday Pink Spider, from all of us at JR&&VK. 🙂

hide was many different things to many different people. At a basic level he was a son, a friend, a lover and foremost to most of us, a musician. More than all of that, though, hide was loved. The devotion shown him by his fans, even now, almost 10 years after his death is a devotion that many artists can only dream of, though most will never attain it.

He was a musician, who inspired many artists. A man who was scrutinized for every move he made, yet still he almost never failed to show a funny face to the public. Known for his pink hair and wild clothes, hide was a legend beloved by many.

It’s hard to write this down, to think of hide and all the years he’s missed. To think of all the music I’m sure he would’ve loved, all the trends he would’ve started. He left us too early, leaving a hole that can never be filled, no matter how many pink haired guitarists appear on the scene.

He has been missed. He will continue to be missed. But his music lives on.

hideto, the pink haired guitarist that we all know from some source in life. From Yoshiki, from X-Japan, from Spread Beaver, from Zilch.. from every single guitarist that has dyed their hair pink in honor of him and from the millions of fans whose hearts cut open on that day. There is that empty space that remains from the death of hide.

Even with the empty space, it still remains the memories and the spirit that was hideto Matsumoto. Standing by the window today, I thought of all the things he misses, all the people that miss him and the band members that once treated him like family. I think of all the people who have given that pink hair salute to him and who have cherished the person of him and his embodied spirit.On this day, all that I ask is that you take a moment out of your day to remember and light a candle for the memory of everyone’s pink-haired guitarist.

“I’m very shocked to hear about his death. I still can’t believe what has happened. Right now, he’s sleeping with a beautiful face. I tried to wake him up many times, but he’s still sleeping. Between the five of us, hide was the one who kept his calm and thought out things. Even though I was the leader, he was the calm one who gave me good advice when I was being short tempered and emotional. Of course with all that pressure, he too almost lost his identity. But during those hard times, he’d always give me a call. We would talk about X, music, friends, life, fans, almost anything. He was like a big brother to me and sometimes like a young brother too. We’d drink together and sometimes fight. But the next day, he’d come to me and say, “Yoshiki, have I done something last night? I’m sorry, I don’t remember a thing.” But this time, he didn’t say anything back to me… sleeping. To all fans and friends, you must all be confused. I also cannot express this sadness in words, but we must understand and accept this painful reality. Everyone please watch over his eternal sleep warmly.”
— Yoshiki – X Japan


Forever Love

Dice — hide
Pink Spider — hide
Breeding — hide
Good-bye — hide
Scars — X-Japan
Dahlia — X-Japan
Hard Luck Woman(Cover) — X-Japan
Without You (for hide) — Yoshiki
Sayonara (for hide) — Gackt

~ by jrockadmin on December 13, 2007.

12 Responses to “hide Matsumoto: Happy Birthday/Memorial”

  1. Uwaa, forgot to edit my piece in, oh well.

    Today you would’ve been celebrating the pass of another year under your belt, instead all of your fans are celebrating for you, still, after 9 years everyone remembers you. Many give you the pink haired salute, many musicians wouldn’t be musicians if not for you, you changed so many lives when you were alive, and even now you continue changing lives…

    Today, although sad, is a day to celebrate your birth, because, if you weren’t born, there would be no hide to mourn, so many people would be lost… none of the changes that you inspired in people would’ve happened…

    I tip my hat and raise my glass to you,
    Happy birthday Matsumoto Hideto.

  2. 9 years gone, and still we remember. hide is one I’ll tell my kids and grandkids about. They’ll be like “Who was he?” and I’ll reply “He was the greatest. You can have your Yngwie Malmsteems and your Dimebag Darrells. Give me hide, and I’ll be just damn fine with that.”

  3. Happy birthday Hide :/

  4. thanks for posting this.
    happy birthday, hide, and thank you for touching our lives.

  5. Hide-sama happy birthday. I hope you watch over us from heaven.

  6. Happy birthday hide-sama ❤

  7. *sniffles* 成仏 (joubutsu; requiescat in pace)

  8. ^^

    Happy Birthday hideto

  9. even though he died before I got into j-rock I still miss him *sniff* Happy b-day

  10. Never forget.

    Happy birthday… to the most amazing person I’ve ever seen.

  11. Happy Birthday hide.

  12. ill always rmbr hide…….happy birthday……

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