NoveLis’s First One-Man 2008/2/2

Yes, yes, this is old news to all NoveLis fans and everyone that I talk to xD. I do believe Ko-ki announced it at the beginning of last month, along with the other members.

NoveLis will be having their very first one-man live on February 2nd, 2008 at 目黒鹿鳴館 (Meguro Rock Maykan).

OPEN 18:00 | START 19:00
Preordered tickets are 2,300 yen, at the door it is 2,800.

NoveLis are nearing a year old, with three singles out, and quite a few lives under their belts. Anyone that lives in Japan, or is going to Japan around that time should go. They may be a young band, but they sure as hell sound great, and should be given a shot. If I didn’t have to worry about school and financial issues, well, I wouldn’t miss it. For those of you that go, please send love from America, and continue supporting them. ^^ (Say hi to Ko-ki for me!)

~ by jrockadmin on December 8, 2007.

One Response to “NoveLis’s First One-Man 2008/2/2”

  1. For fear of wordpress changing the code on me and messing up the post I’ll say this here.

    I got some of the info from visunavi (would take too long browsing through the NoveLis blogs to get the info), if anything changes I will be sure to update. ^^

    Come on people, give me a break and say you love NoveLis just so I can feel kinda fuzzy inside. xD

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